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Privacy Policy

What Information Do We Capture About The Website Visitors?

Our Website captures the date and time of the website visit, location from which the visitor surfed the website; Internet browser used; and visitor's IP address through an extended log file format used on our web server. We do not capture the visitor's email address.

Our Privacy Policy

We at Nukkadwala respect the privacy of every visitor and work towards maintaining it. Our primary goal in collecting information from you is to provide you with a smooth and customized experience while you use our services. Please read through our privacy policy.

The personal data collected by us is used to study, analyze, process and enhance the services offered by us; contact you regarding any updates on the website; marketing our products/services and other related internal business review purposes.

What Are Cookies

It Is A Common Practice With Almost All Professional Websites This Site Uses Cookies, Which Are Tiny Files That Are Downloaded To Your Computer, To Improve Your Experience. This Page Describes What Information We Gather, How We Use It And Why We Sometimes Need To Store These Cookies. We Will Also Share How You Can Prevent These Cookies From Being Stored However This May Downgrade Or ‘Break’ Certain Elements Of The Functionality Of The Site.

For More General Information On Cookies See The Wikipedia Article On HTTP Cookies.

How We Use Cookies

We Use Cookies For A Variety Of Reasons Detailed Below. Unfortunately, In Most Cases, There Are No Industry Standard Options For Disabling Cookies Without Completely Disabling The Functionality And Features They Add To This Site. It Is Recommended That You Leave On All Cookies If You Are Not Sure Whether You Need Them Or Not In Case They Are Used To Provide A Service That You Use.

Disabling Cookies

You Can Prevent The Setting Of Cookies By Adjusting The Settings On Your Browser (See Your Browser Help For How To Do This). Be Aware That Disabling Cookies Will Affect The Functionality Of This And Many Other Websites That You Visit. Disabling Cookies Will Usually Result In Also Disabling Certain Functionality And Features Of This Site. Therefore It Is Recommended That You Do Not Disable Cookies.

The Cookies We Set

When You Submit Data To Through A Form Such As Those Found On Contact Pages Or Comment Forms Cookies May Be Set To Remember Your User Details For Future Correspondence.

In Order To Provide You With A Great Experience On This Site, We Provide The Functionality To Set Your Preferences For How This Site Runs When You Use It. In Order To Remember Your Preferences, We Need To Set Cookies So That This Information Can Be Called Whenever You Interact With A Page Is Affected By Your Preferences.

Third Party Cookies

In Some Special Cases, We Also Use Cookies Provided By Trusted Third Parties. The Following Section Details Which Third Party Cookies You Might Encounter Through This Site.

This Site Uses “Google Analytics” Which Is One Of The Most Widespread And Trusted Analytics Solutions On The Web For Helping Us To Understand How You Use The Site And Ways That We Can Improve Your Experience. These Cookies May Track Things Such As How Long You Spend On The Site And The Pages That You Visit So We Can Continue To Produce Engaging Content.

For More Information On Google Analytics Cookies, See The Official Google Analytics Page.

As We Sell Products It’s Important For Us To Understand Statistics About How Many Of The Visitors To Our Site Actually Make A Purchase And As Such This Is The Kind Of Data That These Cookies Will Track. This Is Important To You As It Means That We Can Accurately Make Business Predictions That Allow Us To Monitor Our Advertising And Product Costs To Ensure The Best Possible Price.

We Also Use Social Media Buttons On This Site That Allows You To Connect With Your Social Network In Various Ways. For These To Work The Following Social Media Sites Including; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google +, Will Set Cookies Through Our Site Which May Be Used In Enhancing Your Experience On Our Site Or Contribute To The Data We Hold For Various Purposes Outlined In Our Privacy Policies.


The company may use your Personal Information for any of the following purposes:

  • To understand the use of the website and make improvements;
  • To fulfill prizes;
  • To register visitors for online activities they choose to participate in, such as contests, surveys, employment applications, comment forms, or any other online interactive activities;
  • To respond to specific requests from visitors;
  • To protect the security and integrity of the website, if necessary;
  • To send notices (if consent is provided) of special promotions, offers or solicitations; and in general (if consent is provided), to promote and market Company's business and various products.


If you have any questions concerning Company Privacy Policy and use of your Personal Information,
please contact,

Trademark Notice

This website contains many valuable trademarks and service marks owned and used by Nukkadwala™. These trademarks and service marks are used to distinguish Nukkadwala™ QSR Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. quality, products, and services.

Users agree that any trademark, logo, trade names and/or identifying slogans, which are the sole property of the Company and cannot be used by any user for any purpose.

No user shall publish, nor cause to be published any advertisement or make any representation, oral or written which might confuse, mislead or deceive the public, which is detrimental to the trade name, goodwill or reputation of the Company.

Copyright Notice

The text, graphics, HTML and PHP code contained in this website is an exclusive property of Nukkadwala™ QSR Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.

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