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Nukkadwala™ represents India's newest chain of smart and stylish QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) for the value conscious. Our inspiration is more than five million street vendors across India who peddles tasty morsels every day to ensure that Indians eat their way through the streets of the country. Indian cuisine is widely accepted as one of the most broad-ranging and interesting cuisines worldwide.

At Nukkadwala™, we strive to provide a service experience that encompasses warmth, good service and unrivalled cuisine. Our Brand Promise encompasses offering our customers authentic flavours of hand-picked regionally popular Indian street food served hygienically. 

Our Journey

Two years ago we were walking into an unchartered territory. It has been an amazing journey following months scouring the country for recipes which represent the regional flavours and tastes of the streets of the sub-continent. We identified destinations and locals that offered interesting and unique food - Dabeli from Gujarat, Vada Pav from Mumbai, Benne Dosa from Karnataka, and many more. The Nukkadwala™ team came back home to write up the recipes to recreate the authentic tastes of their travels. Setting up a studio kitchen was the next step as all our recipes had to be tested and tried a million times before we were satisfied.

Our hope is that Nukkadwala™ will be more than just another place to grab a bite

The Nukkadwala™ experience is all about sharing and grazing; savouring the fresh flavours of the street in a colourful, urban venue where the vibrant daytime vibe settles into animated conversation over a steaming hot cup of Chai and a flavourful Dabeli. It doesn't stop there! We've carefully paired our food with drinks menu that we feel pays compliment to all the flavours. We have Lassi, Shikanji, Masala Chai, Sol Kadi and Rassam. Come and explore yourself.  

Our Menu takes the tastes of the street to a level you won't find anywhere else Served in a buzzing environment, the interiors are informal chic with a casual vibe. Walk-in and let us know what you think.

Nostalgia Cuisine

Nukkadwala™ represents nostalgia cuisine, an enchanting way of remembering and acknowledging culinary stalwarts of a generation for whom food was one of the few ways they could express themselves. The Nukkadwala™ Menu captures these memories and recipes and brings them right to your doorstep. So go ahead and enjoy!

Our kitchens are passionate about serving Indian street food in a contemporary setting while maintaining the authenticity, so you won't catch us cutting any corners or compromising on taste. The flavours promise to be 'Just as Nani used to cook'.

Our dishes will want to make you go back in time. The dishes you ate as a child and your vivid memories of it are a clear reminiscence of how awesome childhood was. Nukkadwala™ helps you recreate those memories and more.

Office Address

Sarpanch Market, Ullawas,
Near HBR Chowk, CRPF Road, Sector 62,
Gurugram, Haryana 122102

Phone: +91 8527347272

9AM - 7PM



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