Reasons Why ‘Gaajar Ka Halwa’ is the King of All Desserts

Gaajar Ka Halwa’


Gaajar ka halwa is the irreplaceable dessert in Indian cuisine and that is saying a lot considering the huge number of desserts that India has to offer. It has a special place in everyone’s hearts. So let’s take a look at the reasons that make this dish so special:

  1. Gaajar ka halwa was introduced to Indian kitchens by Mughals. Also, halwa is an Arabic term, which means sweet. Today, this all time favourite of the royal court is a favourite of common masses as well.
  1. Carrots are largely grown in Punjab as a winter harvest. However, carrots were originally white and purple in colour. It was the Dutch who cultivated the orange colour carrot to honour their prince – William of Orange, who led the struggle for Dutch independence. This historic fact indeed makes it a royal dish. 
  1. The best part about desserts is that it is equally cherished by both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. And when the dessert is none other than ‘gaajar ka halwa,’ it goes without saying that it is a traditional yet the most celebrated dessert in India.
  1. There are different variations (red velvet carrot halwa, carrot-papaya halwa, cheese gaajar ka halwa carrot and beetroot halwa) of gaajar ka halwa but nothing beats the original recipe.
  1. One of the specialties of this dessert is that it can be served either hot or cold, which makes it a perfect dish when you are struggling with pangs of hunger.
  1. It can be garnished with several dry fruits such as cashews, raisins, nuts, cardamom powder and almonds to enhance its taste.
  1. Gaajar ka halwa is certainly everyone’s favorite with all the amount of milk and carrots that are used for its preparation. People do not seem to care much about their weight when it comes to this spectacular dish. Gaajar ka halwa is also the perfect example of the importance of patience. It takes approximately one hour to prepare this dish and is definitely worth the wait.


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