5 Popular Indian Drinks to Make Your Winter Warmer

Winter brings with it not just chilly wind but also recipes of hot drinks that are a treat for our taste buds and also for our health.

Here’s a list of 5 most popular drinks during winter:


Let’s get the list started with everyone’s most favorite drink of the winter – tea. It wouldn’t be wrong to coronate tea with the queen of all drinks. With over ten unique flavours, tea is undoubtedly the most popular drink in every nook and corner of this country. Adrak chai (ginger), tulsi chai (basil), elaichi chai (cardamom), kesari chai (saffron), dalchini chai (cinnamon) are just a few examples of the family of tea flavours.


One certainly cannot enjoy winter season with runny nose and sore throat. Rasam is a well-known South Indian soup having tangy taste along with medicinal properties. Rasam is definitely the most exotic looking drink in this list. It is rich in antioxidants and helps in preventing constipation too.

Haldi milk

May be you remember this drink from your childhood. All Indian mothers made their kids drink haldi doodh to make boost their immunity. It is the best remedy for cold and cough and also helps improves digestion. Haldi milk is not just about turmeric and milk; it needs other ingredients as well such as black pepper, ghee and honey.


Shorba is as exotic in taste as it sounds. Shorba can be considered as the Indian broth. This is the only drink in this list that is both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. You can treat yourself with non-veg shorba prepared with marinated chicken or with veg shorba prepared with mixed veggies.


Do not confuse raabdi with rabri. Raabdi is a traditional Rajasthani drink made with bajra, curd, black pepper and water. It is a minimalistic yet delicious drink. It warms you up instantly and also helps in reducing cholesterol level.

So enjoy winter with these delicious, healthy and authentic Indian drinks.

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