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The group photograph from our college days invariably brings a distant look in the eyes and a lump in the throat. The never-ending chats at the canteen tables, the frequent back slapping , the ongoing accounts with the canteen-wala, asking for treats from a friend just because his “crush” looked back and gave a smile, unknowingly all these moments end up making the “Canteen” an integral part of our college life.

College days tend to be one of the best days of one’s life, where,, an essential part of time was spent at the Canteen surviving on whatever snacks – pakoras, burgers variations the unkempt canteen wala would conjure up! Unconventional variations however they always tasted fantastic and were extremely pocket friendly!!

Everything associated with the time spent at the canteen table brings about a commotion of memories flooding to our brain and there appears a smile on our face that we are completely unaware of.
Nothing in this world compares to the joy of being lost in the wonderful moments of the past. Having a rendezvous with the best memories of our life – some call it daydreaming, we call it Nukkadwala Time.

With Nukkadwala introducing its range of Canteen Burgers, one is sure to travel back in time. And the best part will be to have a reunion with your mates and enjoy lip-smacking delights from different parts of India.

Nukkadwala is a place wherein you hang out and relax in not so formal surroundings to dig in to the regionally authentic delicacies. Call it a Gorge on hub – we will not mind till you leave with a great taste in your mouth.

With the assorted list of meals and snacks from across India under one roof, it makes it an ideal place for foodies to have a relaxed time and enjoy good food that fills up the belly. After all, at Nukkadwala it’s all about having a great time with friends over some truly authentic Indian foods and flavours that were handpicked from different regions of India.

The “Canteen Burgers” are called so just to take you back in time wherein you can reminiscence the good old days and the time spent in canteen along with endless hours chit-chatting. It’s all about being perfectly nostalgic.

Nukkadwala isn’t just a place to eat, it is an experience so diversified which will have you smitten with its lip-smacking delights. Every dish at Nukkadwala brings along with it a story behind it – a history worth mentioning and regional touch that you will find nowhere else. It gets you in the mood to experiment and intrigues you to explore the entire menu with enthusiasm.

The “Canteen Burgers“ at Nukkadwala is just the tip of an iceberg, there is just so much more to the Nukkadwala experience that sets one on an expedition of deliciously unique treats.

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