Eat like you mean it

Yummy dishes full of flavours with colourful vegetables are prepared in less than 30 minutes, isn’t that interesting? Delicious and budget-friendly meals are served at NUKKADWALA. Step in to this amazing food outlet or order online and explore all the regional, fast food and chaat street food. The mouth watering dishes are prepared from handpicked fresh vegetables and flavourful spices. The chefs are expert in their culinary skills and their special magic in every dish will gives burst of flavours in your mouth.

The restaurant offers a wide variety of meals from breakfast to dinner and the snacks we want in between. There are many interesting dishes on the menu and if you are looking for one of the best Dabeli in Gurgaon then this outlet is the perfect one. Kutchi Dabeli is a famous street food of Gujarat. A dish loved by many people is made up of pav and a filling of spicy mashed potato along with assorted goodies like peanuts, tangy tamarind chutney, pomegranate seeds, sliced onions and generous amount of fresh coriander leaves. Several spices are crushed together to create this magical masala and that secret is well known to the chefs of NUKKADWALA. You surely can’t eat just one Dabeli in Gurgaon.

If you want to have one of the Best Burger in Gurgaon then NUKKADWALA has some of the amazing burger options on their menu. The juicy soft burgers are overloaded with chicken, vegetables, mayonnaise, sauces and cheese slices. The amazing options to choose from the menu are –East India Veg Burger, Nukkadwala Special Spicy Chicken Cutlet Burger, Aloo Tikki Burger and Amritsari Chicken Burger. The mouth watering burgers are full of flavours and juicy chicken patty, aloo tikki or beetroot patty are packed in soft bun along with lettuce, onion rings and tomatoes. You can surely never forget the scrumptious taste of these Best Burger in Gurgaon. The juicy burgers have loads of sauces to give you a perfect taste of burger from your first bite to the last one. Only eggless mayonnaise is used in vegetarian burgers and you can even get your burger customized as per your taste. Do not forget to sip on refreshing cold beverages with each bite of your meal. A good variety of everything from beverages to desserts to meals is served at affordable prices at NUKKADWALA.

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